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Available late 2014

Children of the Snowy is a collection of unique stories of the life experiences, family life and adventures of the children growing up in the remote townships and camp sites of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme during the 25 years of construction.

It also covers the effects on the children and families whose farms, homes and lands where reclaimed by the authority to build its dams and power stations. Some of this land had been in families for generations.

These children came from diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures. They and their families not only had to adapt to the rugged life style of the Australian bush, but to the life within the construction townships and camps set up by the authority within the Scheme.

The book will cover those that remained behind to find work on the Scheme to maintain the many projects, or who had the foresight to begin or take on new careers and business enterprises within the many townships and remain there with their own families today.

The pioneering spirit of these men and women of the Snowy has been documented in many ways. Children of the Snowy aims to tell the story of their children who grew up within this isolated, at times inhospitable and uniquely multicultural environment.

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Children of the Snowy